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Golden Japanese Traditional Pattern Hand-Dyed Yuzen Washi Tape - Shogado

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This series of washi tapes feature traditional patterns, such as hemp, depicted in opulent gold. Each roll is a testament to the artisanship of Kyoto craftsmen, carefully hand-dyed to showcase their artistry. The golden patterns etched onto the tape shimmer with sophistication, perfect for adding a refined touch to your stationery or craft projects. It comes with a backing paper, allowing you to freely cut and stick as much as you need.

This series of washi tapes is hand-dyed on genuine washi, featuring intricate Yuzen patterns that celebrate nature's landscapes, flora, and fauna. While most modern products opt for machine-printed designs mimicking Yuzen patterns, we stay true to the authentic Yuzen paper to bring its tradition and allure into everyday life and pass it on to the next generation.

Should you have the chance to use this tape, please enjoy the vibrant colors and brilliance it offers. The Yuzen paper loved throughout its long history, is sure to make your time at the desk more delightful.

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  • Brand: Shogado
  • Quantity: 1 
  • Size: 2×22.8inches / 5×58cm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Material: Paper

Tradition and Techniques of Shogado

Shogado Kyoto stationery | Komorebi Stationery

Since its establishment in Kyoto in 1964, Shogado has evolved from selling traditional Japanese bound books to creating stationery and miscellaneous goods crafted from washi paper. This transition reflects their expertise in utilizing authentic washi sourced from renowned production areas like Fukui Prefecture. Particularly noteworthy are the products hand-dyed by skilled artisans in Kyoto, known as Yuzen paper, distinguished by their superior texture and coloration, setting them apart from mass-produced goods.

Shogado hand-dye washi paper - Komorebi Stationery

Shogado's philosophy is deeply rooted in carrying forward the Japanese aesthetic to future generations. Just as traditional bound books once played a pivotal role in people's daily lives in an analog Japan, Shogado continues to innovate products that meet the demands of the modern era. At Komorebi Stationery, we are delighted to offer these exquisite items, inviting you to experience the charm of Shogado's craftsmanship.

Golden Japanese Traditional Pattern Hand-Dyed Yuzen Washi Tape - Shogado - Komorebi Stationery
Golden Japanese Traditional Pattern Hand-Dyed Yuzen Washi Tape - Shogado Sale price$8.00 USD