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Article: The Reason Why We Wrap Every Order in Furoshiki

The Reason Why We Wrap Every Order in Furoshiki - Komorebi Stationery

The Reason Why We Wrap Every Order in Furoshiki

Hello, everyone! This is our second article. In our previous piece, we shared our passion for Japanese traditions and craftsmanship, and our desire to delight people around the world with these virtues. We also talked about our hopes to pass these treasures on to the next generation. We've recently started offering a complimentary service where we wrap every order in Furoshiki, and we're thrilled to see that it has already received a lot of positive feedback. There's a significant reason behind our choice to wrap items in Furoshiki, closely related to the sentiments expressed in our last article, which inspired us to write (or rather, type) this piece.

What is Furoshiki?

In modern times, Furoshiki refers to a square cloth used to wrap important items or gifts, made from various materials. While polyester is commonly used for its affordability, cotton and silk are also popular choices. Furoshiki is not only appreciated for its beauty but also for its reusability, making it an eco-friendly option for gift wrapping.

The term Furoshiki(風呂敷) combines the Japanese words for "bath" (風呂) and "mat" (敷), a nod to its historical origins. From the 1300s to the 1500s in Japan, Furoshiki was used by feudal lords to wrap their clothes while at the bathhouse, serving as both a mat to stand on and a bag for carrying clothes. Over time, Furoshiki became a tool for the general people, and merchants who skillfully used it to transport various goods and as a promotional tool by incorporating their shop names and trademarks. Although its use has declined in modern times, Furoshiki has gained popularity for wrapping precious items.

Why do we wrap your order in Furoshiki?

There are two main reasons why we wrap every order in Furoshiki. First, we consider every item we send as a precious gift, and we want to convey this sentiment through the traditional Japanese method of wrapping. The products we sell are filled with the essence and sensibilities of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship. We negotiate with artisans to showcase their works to the world, carefully curate the product appeal, create the product pages, and conduct photoshoots before finally starting sales. Although this process is more labor-intensive compared to dealing with mass-produced items, it's a testament to the passion embedded in our work and that of the artisans. By wrapping these items in Furoshiki, we hope you can feel a bit of our passion and the intrinsic charm and background of each piece.

Second, preserving this wonderful tradition and passing it on to future generations is one of our passions at Komorebi Stationery. As time progresses, many old traditions in Japan are gradually being lost. If demand decreases, manufacturers may cease operations. For us, carrying these traditions forward is part of our mission. We want all our customers to experience this tradition, reuse the Furoshiki they receive, and pass it on to others. We believe this will help keep the culture of Furoshiki alive, not just in Japan but around the world.


This time, we've shared why we wrap every order in Furoshiki and the reasons behind it. If you're looking for a special gift for someone, Komorebi Stationery is an excellent choice. We'll carefully wrap your precious gift in Furoshiki, and please be assured that we don't include any price tags inside the box! We encourage you to share this beautiful aspect of Japanese culture and tradition with your loved ones.

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What an interesting history. I really enjoy reading your stories and thank you for sharing the details.

Andrea Rosenblatt

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