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Galaxy Glass Dip Pen - Color Works

Sale price$169.00 USD

This glass pen beautifully replicates a galaxy with hundreds of millions of shining stars. Color Works is among the most beautifully accurate in reproducing the theme of the universe in glass pens.

Utilizing a technique called fuming, where pure gold and silver are heated and sprayed onto the glass to create patterns and gradients, this pen features a barrel that depicts galaxies floating in the dark universe, with countless tiny lights in the dark areas resembling distant twinkling stars. The pen barrel is also thicker, making it easier to grip, which is a welcome feature.

Encased within the nib is a round opal, seemingly containing a small star or the very energy of the universe itself. When exposed to light, it shines even more beautifully, enhancing its fantastical appearance. Gazing at this pen, one naturally imagines the vast universe beyond.

This pen's design consists of approximately 80% to 100% nebulae, whereas another creation, the Universe Glass Dip Pen, features nebulae at both ends of the pen barrel. Please check out the link below to see for yourself.

View Universe Glass Pen


  • Brand: Color Works
  • Quantity: 1 Pen
  • Length:  6.5inches / 16.5cm
  • Weight(Pen): 0.7oz / 20g
  • Nib Size(Approximate): Fine
  • Material: Glass
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

Color Works: Nature's Artistry

At the base of Mount Kurama in Kyoto Prefecture, the affectionate Wakaabayashi couple runs their studio, Color Works. Having been collectors of glass crafts from a young age, visiting a Kyoto store dealing in glass materials and equipment inspired them to try creating their own. This marked the beginning of their venture into the studio, which they started together.

They often create works themed around the universe, driven by their love for nature and a desire to capture its breathtaking beauty within glass. The universe is one of their themes, reflecting the vast and beautiful worldview they wish to encase.

Over more than 15 years of creating together, their philosophy has evolved to focus on producing "beautiful things" inspired by nature. Despite seeming simple, their creation process is rigorous: a piece must embody beauty, or it is not pursued, beyond being cute, interesting, or impressive. This dedication likely stems from their profound respect and fascination with nature's elegance. Surrounded by the lush beauty of their environment, they continue to craft glassworks today, inspired by the natural world around them.

Galaxy Glass Dip Pen - Color Works - Komorebi Stationery
Galaxy Glass Dip Pen - Color Works Sale price$169.00 USD