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Tsukuyomi Blue Glass Dip Pen - SOURIRE

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Tsukuyomi is the moon god in Japanese mythology and is revered as the god who rules the night. This glass pen was created by glass artisan Rika to dedicate to Tsukuyomi.

Inside the glass pen is an opal floating on a series of pillars, designed with the concept of enclosing a gemstone crystallized by the light of the moon. The surface of the glass pen is sprayed with silver to further emphasize the fantastic atmosphere. Each stroke of this pen is not merely writing but an act of devotion to the moon's serene beauty. 

The appeal of her work lies not just in its beautiful design and concept. Her pen nibs are incredibly smooth, almost eliminating any dragging sensation. This is one of the reasons why many fans of Japanese glass pens are avid supporters of her creations.

We also want you to know her not only as an artisan but also as a person. Please look at 'The Story of SOURIRE' below and feel her charm.


  • Brand: SOURIRE
  • Quantity: 1 Pen (with a pen cap)
  • Length:  6.1inches / 15.5cm
  • Weight(Pen): 1oz / 28g
  • Nib Size(Approximate): Fine
  • Material: Glass
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

The Story of SOURIRE

After graduating from an art university, Rika Suga began creating glass artworks in 2004. Her creations, born from a unique sensibility, encapsulate a romantic worldview. Her cheerful and approachable nature adds to her charm in contrast to her focused demeanor during production.

Rika Suga of SOURIRE production scene

SOURIRE, which means 'smile' in French, captures the essence of Rika Suga's atelier in the heart of Japan in Shinshu Azumino. Surrounded by the Japanese Alps, the atelier offers serene views of Mt. Ariake. Rika draws inspiration from the ever-changing scenes of the mountains, the clarity of the air, and the purity of flowing waters, creating pieces that aim to bring a smile to those who encounter them.

SOURIRE Rika Suga Mt.Ariake
Her craftsmanship is also exceptional, particularly noticeable in the smooth glide of the pen nib. Japanese glass pens are often of high quality, offering a smooth writing experience with minimal drag, but her creations are particularly notable for their exceptional smoothness.

Tsukuyomi Blue Glass Dip Pen - SOURIRE - Komorebi Stationery
Tsukuyomi Blue Glass Dip Pen - SOURIRE Sale price$160.00 USD