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Toast Washi Tape Sticker Roll - Bande

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Wake up to the cozy charm of the Toast Washi Tape Sticker Roll by Bande, a delightful addition to any breakfast-themed craft or stationery collection. Each sticker on this roll is a miniature work of art, depicting a variety of toasts topped with everything from sunny-side-up eggs to luscious spreads of jam and butter. The warm browns of toasted bread, the vibrant yellows and reds of toppings, and the playful patterns create a visual smorgasbord that's as tempting to the eye as it is to the imagination. Perfect for adorning recipe books, brunch invitations, or morning journal entries, these stickers bring the comfort and joy of the first meal of the day to your creative projects.

This sticker roll is distinguished by its convenience; you can effortlessly peel off individual stickers from the roll. This allows for hassle-free selection, letting you choose the exact number to match your mood or project. With an array of designs interwoven on the roll, the joy is in the choosing – perfect for decorating journals, accentuating cards, or adding a special touch to gifts.

The stickers boast a strong adhesive quality and are repositionable, allowing for easy adjustments. This is ideal for journaling enthusiasts who love to tweak their setup until it’s just right. With the ability to effortlessly customize, these stickers from our collection of Japanese Stationery not only decorate but also inspire creativity and personal expression.


  • Brand: Bande
  • Quantity: 1 Roll
  • Number of patterns: 12
  • Number of Tapes: 150
  • Size: H0.8 × W0.8 inches / H20 × W20mm

Backstory of Bande

Bande, a well-known brand of washi tape in Japan, is operated by Nishikawa Communications with the concept of "inspiring creativity". Their Sticker Roll, released in August 2016, has gained immense popularity due to its unique feature of individually peelable designs on washi tape, attracting a large fan base for its convenience.

Originally, Bande specialized in manufacturing linerless labels that do not use backing paper, used for promotional pops on PET bottles, and discount stickers on supermarket products. This technology led to the creation of the Sticker Roll as they expanded into the B to C market.

Looking ahead, Bande plans to expand beyond washi tapes, and there is much anticipation for the new inspirations they will bring.

Toast Washi Tape Sticker Roll - Bande - Japanese Stationery - Komorebi Stationery
Toast Washi Tape Sticker Roll - Bande Sale price$7.00 USD