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Taisho Romance Lady Emerald Fountain Pen Ink - Teranishi

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In 2021, Teranishi Chemical Industry celebrated 105 years of history by releasing the Taisho Romance ink series, a nod to their founding era. Originating during the Taisho era(1912-1926), when writing ink was their signature product, this series brings them back to their beginnings. Each of the sixteen shades has a subtly muted, deep tone that evokes the charm of the good old days.

The packaging is just as thoughtful – each bottle has a tag that can be used as a color sample. Simply swipe the ink on the tag, and you'll have a handy guide to its unique hue. Taisho Romance is more than ink; it's a piece of history, a return to our roots, and a celebration of a bygone era.


  • Brand: Teranishi Chemical Industry
  • Volume: 1.35oz / 40ml
  • Ink Types: Water-Based 
  • Size(bottle): 1.7×1.7×2.8inches / 44×44×70mm

The Story of the Teranishi Chemical Industry

Since its inception in Osaka in 1916, the Teranishi Chemical Industry has colored the world for over a hundred years, aiming to enrich cultural lifestyles. Their 'Magic Ink,' an iconic oil-based marker, has become a staple in Japan, seamlessly integrating into daily activities. Catering to a community passionate about fountain and glass pens, Teranishi continues to impress with inks that stationery lovers adore. For us in Japan, their products transcend being mere tools; they are vital companions that brighten our everyday.

Teranishi Taisho Romance Fountain Pen Ink | Lady Emerald - Japanese Stationery - Komorebi Stationery
Taisho Romance Lady Emerald Fountain Pen Ink - Teranishi Sale price$22.00 USD