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Red Candy Captured Glass Dip Pen - Clarto

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Unveil the playful allure of Clarto’s Glass Dip Pen from Japan, a delightful companion to enhance your writing adventures.

Nestled within its shaft, a playful glass motif of red candy shifts with every movement of the pen, adding a touch of enchantment to your storytelling. The gentle clink of the moving red candy against the glass as you move the pen orchestrates a subtle melody, harmonizing with the rhythm of your thoughts. Perched on top, a cute glass bead serves as a guardian, ensuring your cherished pen doesn’t take a tumble off the table. Every motif, every curve is a testament to skilled Japanese craftsmanship, all meticulously handcrafted using durable borosilicate glass.

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  • Brand: Clarto
  • Quantity: 1 Pen
  • Length: 5.9 inches / 15cm
  • Weight(Pen): 0.63oz / 18g
  • Nib Size(Approximate): Fine
  • Material: Glass
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

The Story of Clarto

Tracing back to 1974, Takeuchi Manufacturing has been the cornerstone of innovation, mastering the art of glassmaking for scientific endeavors. Nestled in the heart of Ryogoku, a downtown area of Tokyo famed for sumo, their workshop continues to echo the meticulous craft of glassmaking. With an illustrious journey of crafting glass products and tubes for scientific explorations, the birth of Clarto as a brand, was a poetic transition. Harnessing years of expertise, Clarto now embarks on a new narrative, creating glass dip pen-related products. It's where the precision of science waltzes with the elegance of art, bringing you a blend of tradition and modernity, encapsulated in every stroke of the Clarto Glass Dip Pen.

Red Candy Captured Glass Dip Pen - Clarto - Komorebi Stationery
Red Candy Captured Glass Dip Pen - Clarto Sale price$122.00 USD