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Mystic Unicorn Glass Dip Pen

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As twilight descends and the moon begins to cast its gentle light across the sky, a magnificent unicorn appears, its body shining white with ethereal beauty and its horn gleaming with a deep, oceanic blue radiance.🦄🌙

Welcome to the second creation in our enchanting Dreamscape series, the Mystic Unicorn Glass Dip Pen. Following the captivating Moonlit Cloud Glass Dip Pen, we now present a pen that embodies the grace and purity of the mythical unicorn, celebrated for its elegance and beauty.

The pen’s shaft is inspired by the unicorn’s strong and beautiful white body, meticulously crafted to capture its essence. The head of the pen features an exquisitely detailed skeletal structure and a mane that seems to flow with life. Atop this majestic head rests a blue horn, designed to reflect a divine glow even under the moonlight.

Holding this pen transports you into a dream world, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur, allowing your creativity to soar with the grace of a unicorn. Let the Mystic Unicorn Glass Dip Pen inspire your writing and elevate your desk with its blend of functional artistry and mythical charm.

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  • Brand: Hideki Hosaka - Komorebi Original Design / Dreamscape Series Vol.2
  • Quantity: 1 pen and 1 pen cap
  • Length(Pen):  8.3 inches / 21 cm
  • Weight(Pen): 1.8 oz /50 g
  • Nib Size(Approximate): Fine
  • Material: Glass
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

The Story of FLAME WORKS

Flame Works Making Scene of Glass Pen | Hideki Hosaka

Meet Hideki Hosaka, a self-taught wonder in the world of glass sculpting. His creations, known for their exquisite delicacy and beauty, are special. Hideki's little corner of creativity, FLAME WORKS, is tucked away in Chiba Prefecture, right next to the bustling city of Tokyo. His journey into the magical world of glass began in high school and, interestingly, continued even as he ventured down a different career path. This blend of dedication and love for his craft shines through in every piece he makes.

The 'Magic Rose' and 'Spear of Longinus' glass works, which he was commissioned to produce in conjunction with the release of major motion pictures such as the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" and "Evangelion," are symbols of his widely recognized artistry and skill.

Each creation from FLAME WORKS is a unique treasure, brimming with Hideki's personal touch and artistic vision. Imagine having one of his creations on your desk – it’s like having a little piece of art to call your own! His pieces blend beauty with practicality so that they’re sure to bring a new level of inspiration to your workspace.

Mystic Unicorn Glass Dip Pen - Komorebi Stationery
Mystic Unicorn Glass Dip Pen Sale price$171.00 USD