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MD Notebook A5 - Midori

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The MD Notebook by Midori perfectly blends functionality and elegant simplicity. Available in three distinct page types - Grid, Blank, and Lined - it caters to all writing preferences and styles, offering unparalleled versatility.

At the heart of the MD Notebook lies Midori's unwavering commitment to paper quality. The notebooks use paper that has been meticulously developed in-house to provide a superior writing experience. This dedication ensures that whether you're penning down thoughts, sketching, or jotting down notes, the paper's quality facilitates smooth and effortless writing.

The design of the MD Notebook is intentionally minimalistic and sophisticated. This simplicity not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also places the focus squarely on the user's content. Its design makes it ideal for both personal reflection and professional use.

In a unique move, the MD Notebook comes without a cover. This design eliminates common issues like poor opening or unevenness often found in covered notebooks, ensuring exceptional opening ease. Moreover, the notebook can open flat, a full 180 degrees, thanks to the 'thread stitching binding' technique known for its durability and ease of opening.

Wrapped in translucent glassine paper, reminiscent of old paperback books, the MD Notebook offers a touch of nostalgia and elegance. This wrapping not only protects against dirt but also gives you the freedom to use the notebook with its minimalistic wrap or in its bare, pure form.

For anyone who treasures the joy of writing, the MD Notebook is a testament to Midori's dedication to quality and design, ensuring every writing experience is as pleasurable as it is functional.

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  • Brand: Midori
  • Quantity: 1 Notebook
  • Size: A5 -  8.3×5.8×0.4 inches / 21×14.8 ×1 cm
  • Material: Paper

Discover Midori

Midori Japanese Stationery | Komorebi Stationery

Midori, founded in 1950 in Japan, began its journey by producing letter paper and envelopes. Now surpassing over 70 years in the industry, it stands as a venerable brand in stationery. The name "Midori," meaning green in Japanese, was inspired by the resilience and vitality of weeds spreading their green leaves in the post-war desolation, symbolizing growth and hope.

With the concept of "adding color to life," Midori has captured the hearts of fans worldwide through its exceptional design and quality. They view the paper as a vital tool for "conveying feelings," dedicating relentless effort to enhance quality. The MD Notebook, a flagship product, is a testament to this pursuit. Developed with an unwavering focus on writing comfort, it offers an exceptionally smooth writing experience.

Today, Midori has become a symbol of Japanese stationery, deeply ingrained in the culture. If you have yet to explore Japanese stationery, Midori's products are a perfect starting point, inviting you to experience a piece of this rich tradition.

MD Notebook A5 - Midori - Komorebi Stationery
MD Notebook A5 - Midori Sale price$13.00 USD