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Kimono Beauty Series Deer and Autumn Leaves Iyo Washi Tape - Kamiiso

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The tape is a canvas of autumnal splendor, with deer prancing among falling leaves that mirror the season's fiery palette. In Japanese culture, the deer is a creature of nobility and is often associated with the sacred shrouds of Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara, symbolizing a connection to the divine. The warm colors of the tape, with leaves changing from green to russet, embody the ephemeral nature of seasons, while the playful deer remind us of the joy in nature's cycle. The subtle shine of the gold details enhances the tape's texture, bringing a cozy glow to your personal space.

Crafted in Shikoku Chuo City, where clear streams have nurtured the art of paper-making, Kamiiso's washi tape honors the legacy of Iyo Washi paper that began in the hands of local farmers about 250 years ago. Amidst the global spread of 'Washi Tape,' where many variants do not employ real washi, they commit to authenticity with the warm texture of true Iyo Washi. This tape is not just a stationery item; it's a touch of Japanese tradition, designed to bring a Japanese elegance to your daily routine and make each moment at your desk a little more delightful.

Let this tape inspire your creativity and add joy to your daily life!

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  • Brand: Kamiiso
  • Quantity: 1 Roll
  • Size(Slim): 0.6inches × 23inches / 15mm × 7m
  • Size(Wide): 1inches × 16.4feet / 15mm × 7m
  • Material: Iyo Washi (Iyo Japanese Paper)

Kamiiso: A Century of Washi Excellence

Kamiiso Iyo washi tape | Komorebi Stationery

Kamiiso, nestled in the heart of Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture, has been a bastion of traditional Iyo Washi paper since its foundation in 1926. What began as a wholesaler delivering the allure of Iyo Washi across Japan has, over the decades, blossomed into an esteemed manufacturer, especially after expanding into the production of specialized paper for kimono storage around 30 years post-establishment.
Kamiiso Iyo Washi tape | Komorebi Stationery
Today, Shikoku Chuo City is revered as Japan's leading hub for paper goods, thanks in no small part to Kamiiso's dedication to spreading this time-honored tradition. Adapting to the changing eras and the evolving lifestyles of the Japanese people, Kamiiso has diversified its offerings. The company now energetically produces a range of paper products, including table mats, coasters, and notably, their much-loved masking tapes.

In an era where many washi tapes no longer contain real washi (Japanese paper), Kamiiso stands apart. They apply a century's worth of spun techniques and steadfast quality to their Washi Tapes, captivating stationery enthusiasts worldwide with their genuine dedication to this authentic Japanese craft.

Kimono Beauty Series Deer and Autumn Leaves Iyo Washi Tape - Kamiiso - Komorebi Stationery
Kimono Beauty Series Deer and Autumn Leaves Iyo Washi Tape - Kamiiso Sale price$6.00 USD