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Iroful Notebook A5 - paper paper

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Whether written or drawn, the colors emerge beautifully.

From paper paper, which sells Tomoe River FP, a notebook called Iroful that has very good color development has been released. This paper, which feels moist to the touch, is recommended for fountain pen users, calligraphers, and glass pen enthusiasts who value color expression.

As you can see from the following samples, it is clear that the ink develops well and the lines are sharp. Some people might feel that the color development has slightly decreased since the manufacturer of Tomoe River changed, but this Iroful will surely be a delight for users who cherish color.

The notebook's cover reflects its features well, with the Iroful logo in a pop and colorful design, yet maintaining a balance that isn't too flashy. It's a wonderful notebook to enhance your desk time, so I really hope you'll give it a try.

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  • Brand: paper paper
  • Quantity: 1 Notebook
  • Size: A5 - 5.8×8.26inches / 14.8×21cm
  • Pages: 96 / 160
  • Sheet Type: Blank / Dot Grid / Grid
  • Weight: 4.6oz(130g) / 7oz(200g)
  • Paper Weight: 75gsm
  • Material: Paper

History and Contribution of paper paper (SAKAE)

paper paper is a paper brand created by SAKAE Technical Paper, whose history dates back to 1940. SAKAE has undergone several business successions and company splits over the years, but it has also been an agent for Tomoe River, a brand with a global fanbase since its inception. The success of Tomoe River likely owes much to SAKAE's achievements.

Since 2014, SAKAE has been manufacturing and selling notebooks under the name Tomoe RiverFP, using Tomoe River paper. Even after Tomoegawa transferred the manufacturing rights and trademarks of Tomoe River to Sanzen Seishi, SAKAE continued to produce Tomoe River FP using the new Tomoe River developed by Sanzen.

The mission of paper paper is "to explore the appeal of paper and expand the possibilities between people and paper." Beyond Tomoe River, they continue to develop new types of paper like iroful, supporting the fun moments of stationery enthusiasts around the world from behind the scenes.

Iroful Notebook A5 - paper paper - Komorebi Stationery
Iroful Notebook A5 - paper paper Sale price$13.00 USD