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Hand-Carved Slim Wagatabon Japanese Chestnut Pen Tray - Masayoshi Kanematsu

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This special pen tray exudes warmth with its hand-carved texture, evoking a true sense of craftsmanship. This tray is the perfect size for holding two pens on your desk.

Wagatabon, a Japanese craft, is meticulously created by artisans who first shape planks from logs and then carve them by hand. Originating from Ishikawa Prefecture, a region known for its Wajima lacquer used on fountain pens, the Wagatabon harmonizes beautifully with the sophisticated textures of these premium pens.

Wagatabon trays were traditionally crafted for personal use during the Edo to Meiji periods in the village of Wagata in Ishikawa Prefecture. It’s said that the local craftsmen, who specialized in creating chestnut wood shingles for thatched roofs, turned to crafting these trays as a side business. As the roofing demand shifted from thatch to tile, the need for these chestnut shingles waned, gradually losing the artisans and their techniques. The village eventually submerged under the Wagatani Dam in 1959, rendering the Wagatabon trays a mythical artifact of the past.

Now, based on the surviving historical documents, a handful of woodworking artisans have revived these trays. The careful and delicate carving marks each piece with the warmth of human touch, and its pared-down, simple form adds to its allure. For a tray to hold your cherished pens, consider this legendary piece, revived from history and brought quietly into the light.

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  • Brand: Komorebi Stationery - Masayoshi Kanematsu
  • Quantity: 1 tray
  • Size: 7.9×3.5 ×0.8inches / 20×9×2cm
  • Inner Dimensions: 7.1×2.8inches / 18×7cm
  • Weight: 3.2oz / 90g
  • Material: Japanese Chestnut
  • Note:
    1. Each piece is hand-carved from natural logs, so variations in color and wood grain are to be expected.
    2. Since natural wood is used, warping may occur due to humidity, dryness, direct sunlight, or exposure to air conditioning. Please store the tray upside down for proper care.

Explore the Journey of Masayoshi Kanematsu

Wagatabon pen tray | Japanese stationery | Komorebi Stationery

Nestled in the town of Akeno, surrounded by the majestic Japanese Alps and bathed in the nation's longest sunlight hours, lies the workshop of Masayoshi Kanematsu. Masayoshi, a Wagatabon artisan, began woodworking around 30, crafting furniture and household goods while working in semiconductor equipment development in a corporate setting.

After retiring in 2016, Masayoshi's journey took a serious turn towards becoming a dedicated woodworking craftsman. His love for Wagatabon sparked in November 2016 when he was captivated by its simple yet beautiful aesthetic on television.

Wagatabon pen tray _ Japanese stationery _ Komorebi Stationery _Wagatabon, a craft that had once faded into obscurity, became his passion. Drawing from magazines and internet resources, he started creating his unique take on the craft. By 2019, under the tutelage of Shinichi Moriguchi, a leading figure in the revival of Wagatabon, Masayoshi honed his creation methods.

Since then, he has been committed to spreading the allure of the Wagatabon craft, dedicating himself to the art of making these exquisite pieces.

Hand-Carved Slim Wagatabon Japanese Chestnut Pen Tray - Masayoshi Kanematsu - Komorebi Stationery
Hand-Carved Slim Wagatabon Japanese Chestnut Pen Tray - Masayoshi Kanematsu Sale price$78.00 USD