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Guitar Sparkle Cyan Blue Shimmer Ink - Teranishi

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Do you enjoy using dip pens, like glass dip pens? If so, you’ll love our Sparkle Cyan Blue Shimmer Ink! This ink is filled with beautiful glitter that can easily clog fountain pens, but with a dip pen, you can safely and enjoyably experience its full brilliance.

We offer a wide range of beautiful glass pens, boasting one of the largest selections of Japanese glass pens. To enhance your enjoyment of these glass pens, we have introduced the Shimmer Ink.

This Shimmer Ink, developed by Teranishi, known for their Taisho Romance and FUJIYAMA IRODORI inks, features silver micro-particles that sparkle and change appearance depending on the angle. With a variety of 16 colors to choose from, you can enjoy a wide range of hues, and its luxurious packaging makes it a great gift option.

Simply shake the bottle to stir up the glitter that has settled at the bottom, then dip your pen and start writing. It’s that easy to add a touch of sparkle to your writing!

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  • Brand: Teranishi Chemical Industry
  • Volume: 0.4oz / 12ml
  • Ink Types: Water-Based
  • Note:
    1. Shake the bottle well with the cap securely closed to mix the shimmer before use.
    2. Shimmer may clog fountain pens, so we recommend using dip pens like glass dip pens.

The Story of the Teranishi Chemical Industry

Since its inception in Osaka in 1916, the Teranishi Chemical Industry has colored the world for over a hundred years, aiming to enrich cultural lifestyles. Their 'Magic Ink,' an iconic oil-based marker, has become a staple in Japan, seamlessly integrating into daily activities. Catering to a community passionate about fountain and glass pens, Teranishi continues to impress with inks that stationery lovers adore. For us in Japan, their products transcend being mere tools; they are vital companions that brighten our everyday.

Guitar Sparkle Cyan Blue Shimmer Ink - Teranishi - Komorebi Stationery
Guitar Sparkle Cyan Blue Shimmer Ink - Teranishi Sale price$16.00 USD