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FUJIYAMA IRODORI ZEN Fountain Pen Ink - Teranishi

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FUJIYAMA IRODORI inks invite you on a sensory journey through the many faces of Japan's iconic peak, Mt Fuji. With ZEN, we celebrate the mountain in a contemplative silhouette, set against a subtly brightening sky, portraying peaceful reflection and the calm before the day’s light chorus.

Mt Fuji, Japan's tallest peak and a World Cultural Heritage site, inspires these inks. Celebrated as a symbol of faith and a wellspring of art, it captivates everyone with its timeless beauty. With each season, weather change, and hour of the day, Mt Fuji reveals a new, always beautiful expression.

Crafted to deepen the bonds between people, just as Mt. Fuji has long been cherished, FUJIYAMA IRODORI inks are created to bring hearts closer together. Whether you're penning a letter or capturing your thoughts, AKANE will surely convey the warmth and beauty of a Mt Fuji sunset to the receiver, much like the mountain's enduring beauty touches the hearts of those who behold it.


  • Brand: Teranishi Chemical Industry
  • Volume: 0.4oz / 12ml
  • Ink Types: Water-Based 

The Story of the Teranishi Chemical Industry

Since its inception in Osaka in 1916, the Teranishi Chemical Industry has colored the world for over a hundred years, aiming to enrich cultural lifestyles. Their 'Magic Ink,' an iconic oil-based marker, has become a staple in Japan, seamlessly integrating into daily activities. Catering to a community passionate about fountain and glass pens, Teranishi continues to impress with inks that stationery lovers adore. For us in Japan, their products transcend being mere tools; they are vital companions that brighten our everyday.

FUJIYAMA IRODORI ZEN Fountain Pen Ink - Teranishi - Komorebi Stationery
FUJIYAMA IRODORI ZEN Fountain Pen Ink - Teranishi Sale price$13.00 USD