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Elegant Chrysanthemum Tatami Pen Tray - Sasasho

Sale price$34.00 USD

In partnership with Sasasho, a dedicated tatami maker from Oita Prefecture with a rich history of 40 years, we present our tatami pen tray that now features a natural-colored chrysanthemum pattern. The chrysanthemum, a flower revered for its antibacterial properties and used in traditional herbal remedies for its anti-inflammatory benefits, symbolizes health and protection against evil. This motif has long been associated with nobility and tranquility, reflecting a state of complete well-being for body and soul.

Tatami mats have graced Japanese estates since the Heian period (8th to 12th centuries), signifying wealth among nobles and warriors. Today, they continue to be a staple in Japanese homes and temples, perhaps you've even seen them on your travels. The scent of rush grass from tatami is wonderfully comforting, and their softness is unmatched for rest and relaxation. This has made tatami rooms a cherished feature in even the most modern Japanese homes.

Many have noticed tatami's golden hue, but it begins as a vibrant green, gracefully maturing with sunlight. Our pen tray invites you to savor this natural aging process, bringing a piece of Japanese life to your desk, as the colors and textures gently shift over time.


  • Brand: Sasasho
  • Quantity: 1 pen tray
  • Size: 7.8×3.9×0.4inches / 20×10 ×1cm
  • Weight:  3.9oz / 110g
  • Material: Rush
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

Discover Sasasho

For over 40 years, Sasasho has played a pivotal role in supporting the local homes and businesses, delivering tatami that underpins the regional and Japanese way of life and culture. Yasuyuki Sasaki, the current president, proudly represents the second generation at the helm of this essential local enterprise.

Sasasho isn't just about making tatami; they're also the local heroes when it comes to repairing fusuma, shoji, and mosquito screens, ensuring every Japanese home feels just right. Embracing tradition while welcoming innovation, they've ventured into crafting tatami mats with unique designs and safe tatami blocks for kids, proving that tradition can evolve and still stay true to its roots.

For those enchanted by Japanese culture and lifestyle, Sasasho offers a glimpse into how traditional craftsmanship like theirs continues to adapt and thrive. It's a testament to how they're blending the old with the new, inviting us all to appreciate the craftsmanship that has supported Japanese homes and culture for decades.

Elegant Chrysanthemum Tatami Pen Tray - Sasasho - Komorebi Stationery
Elegant Chrysanthemum Tatami Pen Tray - Sasasho Sale price$34.00 USD