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Ebony Wood Screw Cap Fountain Pen - Yasutaka Takeuchi

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Crafted from rich ebony by master woodworker Yasutaka Takeuchi, this Japanese fountain pen combines the warmth and profound elegance of its material. Ebony, revered for its use in decorative panels, musical instruments, and Buddhist altars, was first introduced to Japan from China during the Tang dynasty. Due to its popularity, high-quality ebony is rare, reflecting its value and scarcity.

This durable wood is known for its density and hardness, making it a challenging material to work with, which only adds to the pen's exclusivity. The ebony’s dark surface is accentuated by a subtle grain that deepens to a lustrous sheen with use, offering a glimpse into its natural beauty that matures over time.

The pen features a medium nib crafted by Germany's DAYACOM, renowned for its smooth writing capabilities. It uses a versatile converter system that accepts both cartridges and direct ink refills, making it ideal for various writing needs. Perfect for those who value the tactile connection to nature and expert craftsmanship, this fountain pen by Yasutaka Takeuchi is an exceptional choice.

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  • Brand: Yasutaka Takeuchi
  • Quantity: 1 pen & 1 ink cartridge
  • Length(Pen):  5.1 inches / 13 cm
  • Weight(Pen): 1.2 oz / 34 g
  • Nib: DAYACOM Iridium Point Nib(Germany)
  • Nib Size: Medium
  • Filling System: Converter(Cartridge and Piston) - DAYACOM
  • Ink cartridge: Compatible with common European standard ink cartridges
  • Note:
    1. Please note that the nib design of the fountain pens may vary. While some may feature a gold finish, others may have a silver-colored exterior.
    2. Please note that each of our wooden pens is uniquely crafted and may vary slightly.

Yasutaka Takeuchi: Master of Handcrafted Pens

Yasutaka Takeuchi, born in 1981 in Mie Prefecture, is a craftsman who has inherited the essence of traditional Japanese calligraphy brushes, a skill passed down from his grandfather's generation. From a young age, Takeuchi harbored a deep admiration for brush artisans, leading him to apprentice under his uncle after graduating high school. Despite shifting to a stable office job upon marriage, his passion for craftsmanship never waned.

Haruki Takeuchi | Komorebi Stationery

Self-taught, Takeuchi embarked on creating brush prototypes from scratch. His journey into pen-making began serendipitously while researching turning techniques online, where he stumbled upon a pen that captured his imagination.

Takeuchi applies the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional calligraphy brush making, carefully selecting materials and painstakingly shaping and polishing each piece by hand. His pens transcend mere writing instruments, becoming works of art that inspire creativity and innovation in their users.

His pens embody the pinnacle of Takeuchi's craftsmanship, merging Japanese tradition with the artisan's dedication. Owning and using one of Takeuchi's pens is not just about experiencing the joy and pleasure of a fine writing instrument but also about connecting with the rich traditions and passionate spirit of a Japanese craftsman. Yasutaka Takeuchi's handcrafted pens are more than just tools; they are a valuable addition to any collection, symbolizing the fusion of Japanese tradition and artisanal passion.

ebony-wood-screw-cap-fountain-pen-yasutaka-takeuchi-komorebi-stationery-1 - Komorebi Stationery
Ebony Wood Screw Cap Fountain Pen - Yasutaka Takeuchi Sale price$120.00 USD