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Wooden Page Softcover Notebook A6 100Pages | Deep Green - Shiki bun

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Once you open the softcover of the notebook, each page is made from wood that has been thinly shaved and dried, known as "Kyogi" (経木). The texture and grain patterns of the wood will make you feel serene each time you open the notebook.

This kyogi has an interesting history and is not entirely new to Japan. About 1500 years ago, when Buddhism was introduced to Japan, paper was still a very precious and hard-to-obtain commodity, so monks of that time would write sutras on thin wood as part of their training. Although the technology at that time did not allow wood to be shaved as thinly as it is today, the manufacturing company Yamatowa welcomed skilled artisans of Japanese traditional crafts to establish the technique and successfully commercialize these notebooks. 

Since it's made of 100% wood, the ink may bleed through or transfer easily, so if that concerns you, I recommend using a pencil or ballpoint pen. Sketching with colored pencils on the wood might also be a good idea. Alternatively, you could embrace the bleeding as a characteristic of the wood and enjoy it as part of its charm.

Wood can warp due to humidity and may change color over time due to aging. Please enjoy these natural characteristics for a long time as you use it. 

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  • Brand: Shiki bun
  • Quantity: 1 Notebook
  • Size: A5 - 4.1×5.8inches / 10.5×14.8cm
  • Sheet Type: Blank
  • Weight: 3.5oz / 100g
  • Material: Wood

Coexistence with the Forest of Shiki Bun

In the Ina Valley, located in Nagano Prefecture in Japan, a company called Yamatowa supports coexistence with forests. Once, people were closely involved with forests and received many blessings from them. However, as lifestyles changed and forests were left untended, overgrown and dark forests increased. Untrimmed branches and leaves block sunlight, damaging the health and ecosystem of the forest.

Yamatowa believes that although it's difficult to return to the old ways of living, it's possible to bring living closer to forests again and increase the number of healthy and bright forests that are well-maintained, as in the past. They think that using Japanese wood appropriately in daily life will lead to forest conservation, and with this in mind, they launched a brand called Shiki.

To realize their vision, they use Akamatsu pine from the Ina Valley, and skilled woodworkers create products including notebooks and other wooden products.

Wooden Page Softcover Notebook A6 100Pages | Deep Green - Shiki bun - Komorebi Stationery
Wooden Page Softcover Notebook A6 100Pages | Deep Green - Shiki bun Sale price$26.00 USD