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Sakura Shippo Ware Pen Tray

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This pen tray, beautifully adorned with a Sakura tree and blossoms against a silver background, is an exquisite piece of Shippo ware (Japanese cloisonne), a traditional Japanese craft. Each design is meticulously hand-painted with glassy enamel on copper and fired at a high temperature of around 800 degrees, resulting in colors that are more vivid than those of ceramics. Because it is made from glass, the colors and patterns never fade, allowing it to be passed down from generation to generation.

The tray can comfortably hold up to four pens with some space to spare, making it versatile for various uses. It also comes with a stand, allowing you to display it as a decorative plate when not in use as a tray, adding a touch of elegance to your desk or room.

Imagining this piece of Shippo ware, with its origins dating back to the 6th or 7th century, gracing your desk overseas is truly wonderful.

Sakura is a beautiful flower beloved by both Japanese people and those overseas. In Japan, it is also considered an auspicious flower. In the past, the blooming of Sakura was used to predict the year's grain harvest, symbolizing "abundant crops" and good fortune. Additionally, the sight of Sakura blooming all at once is said to represent "prosperity and abundance." If you are looking for a gift for someone who appreciates artisanship, Japanese tradition, stationery, or journaling, I highly recommend this tray.

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  • Brand: Saikosha
  • Quantity: 1 tray and 1 stand
  • Size: 4.7×inches/ 12×18cm
  • Weight:  7.7oz / 220g
  • Material: Glass on Copper
  • Note: Each piece is uniquely handmade, so expect some individual differences.

Japanese Art of Copper and Glass by Saikosha

Saikosha, the largest kiln producing Shippo ware in Japan, has made significant contributions to the long history of Shippo ware, which dates back to the 6th or 7th century. Their mission is to "continuously challenge the spirit of bringing tradition to life in the modern era." Despite the gradual decline in demand for traditional crafts, they strive to preserve the beauty of Shippo ware for contemporary times. They create various items, including vases, plates, pen trays, and accessories, that are cherished by modern audiences.

Compared to other famous traditional crafts like Wajima lacquerware, Shippo ware has become less well-known in Japan. However, its vivid colors and unfading beauty, achieved through its glass enamel, have garnered a dedicated following, and it is often sold in high-end department stores. We invite you to enjoy this beauty in your country, right on your desk.

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Sakura Shippo Ware Pen Tray Sale price$71.00 USD