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Exciting News for Glass Pen Lovers!
Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal.

Win your Chance to Purchase Exquisite Glass Pens from Glass Studio TooS!

【Exclusive lottery sales for Non-Japan Residents!】 Win a TooS Glass Pen from Anywhere in the World!

Glass Studio TooS - Komorebi Stationery Japanese Glass Pen .jpg__PID:e95b142b-d92b-47a0-b499-f1ab70bdf8d9

If you're a glass pen enthusiast, you've probably been waiting for this moment for so long...
Well, the wait is finally over!

Thanks to the collaboration between Taka from Komorebi Stationery and Mr. Okamoto, the owner of one of Japan's most popular glass pen workshops, Glass Studio TooS, you now have the chance to enter the TooS glass pen 'Lottery Sales' from anywhere in the world! 🎉

But enough with the introduction. Let's get straight to the point and tell you how you can enter this exciting  Lottery Sales.

Overview of Lottery Sales June 2024

A Lottery Sale is a fun event where lucky winners get the chance to purchase exclusive products. This type of sale is quite popular among renowned glass pen workshops and stationery brands in Japan, like Hobonichi.
*Just to clarify, this isn't a giveaway.

Glass Pen Lineup

This time, TooS is offering a chance to win one of their highly sought-after Taketori series pens, inspired by Japan’s oldest story, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (Taketori Monogatari). You can choose from five stunning colors!
But wait, there's more! If you win, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to customize your pen by selecting either the Standard Nib or the Ribbon Nib (calligraphy nib).

Pen Barrel

  • TAKETORI Hazy Moon - Crimson Finch (Beni-hiwa-iro)
  • TAKETORI Hazy Moon - Lapis Lazuli (Ruri-iro)
  • TAKETORI Hazy Moon - Vivid Green (Senryoku)
  • TAKETORI Mirror of the Moon - Crimson Tinted Sky (Beni-kake-sora-iro)
  • TAKETORI Waning Moon - Water Blue (Mizu-hanada)


  • Standard Nib
  • Ribbon Nib


USD 215 (Free Shipping)

Number of Winners

5 Unique Colors, 5 Lucky Winners.
We have five stunning pen barrels in different colors. Each color will have one lucky winner, so there will be a total of five winners.

Glass Studio TooS Glass Pen Nibs. Komorebi Stationery. Lottery Sales June 2024..jpeg__PID:64448226-56f7-4548-903f-1984cf3dd667

Application Period

From 12:00 AM on June 18th to 12:00 AM on July 1st (Japan Standard Time)

Notification of Lottery Results

Regardless of the outcome, all applicants will be notified via email by Wednesday, July 3, 2024.

Shipping Date

Late July 2024


  • This campaign is exclusive for non-Japan residents.(当キャンペーンは日本外在住者限定です。海外在住日本人は可)
  • Each person can enter only once.
  • If you win, cancellations or returns after shipping will not be accepted.
  • A credit card or PayPal account is required for purchase.
  • We will contact the winners to confirm the nib type and provide purchasing instructions, so please ensure that emails from do not go to your spam folder.
  • If we are unable to reach you for an extended period, the winner may be changed.

Time Left to Enter:

The Unknown Story Behind Glass Studio TooS

The journey of Tsunehide Okamoto as a glass artist at Glass Studio TooS began with a single book that his father brought home one day.

The Beginning

From a young age, he had a keen interest in art and crafts. When he was in high school, his father gifted him a book called "The Notebook of Glass Craft." This book detailed various techniques and processes of glass art.Upon reading that book, he was instantly captivated by the art of glassmaking and immediately took action. During that summer vacation, he joined an intensive workshop at a glass studio, where he stayed and learned the craft. His immediate and enthusiastic response shows just how deeply he was enchanted by glass.

Glass Studio TooS Glass Art Book. Komorebi Stationery.jpeg__PID:6b6bc786-2e32-4540-9267-b8b37bc8c62b

The book his father bought for Tsunehide Okamoto. He still treasures it to this day.

Even though a summer of learning wasn’t enough to fully master glass art, it was enough for him to decide to dedicate his life to this path. After graduating from high school in 1996, he moved to Tokyo and immersed himself in the study of glass art at the Tokyo Glass Art Institute for two years. He then completed courses at the Notojima Glass Studio and gained practical experience at glass studios in Otaru, Hokkaido, and Nikko, Tochigi.
In 2002, with a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with knowledge, he founded Glass Studio TooS.

The Next Chapter as Glass Studio TooS

Glass Studio TooS, Mr. Tsunehide Okamoto. Komorebi Stationery.jpg__PID:47d94691-c30f-4b7e-8acd-56cdeddff9c0

Tsunehide Okamoto creating a piece with blown glass

Determined to establish his own studio, Tsunehide Okamoto embarked on a remarkable journey, joined by friends who came and went, each leaving their mark. Over the course of three months, with their unwavering support and hands that shaped dreams into reality, a furnace was born. Together, they breathed life into Glass Studio TooS, where Okamoto began crafting his masterpieces.

Glass Studio TooS furnace

The glassblowing furnace he created with his friends over the course of three months still resides in his studio.

When I asked about the meaning behind "Glass Studio TooS," the owner shared a thoughtful reflection. He explained that "TooS" is a made-up word, intentionally crafted to be without a specific meaning. However, the inspiration came from his fondness for the word "too," as in "me too." By making it plural, he envisioned a sense of inclusivity, capturing the essence of "me too, you too, everyone too." It's a name that invites everyone to be part of the creative journey.Even before the founding of TooS, Okamoto had received several awards. However, his accomplishments grew significantly after the studio's inception. In 2003, he was honored with the Japan Art Achievement Award from the government. His works have also been donated to museums and graced the restaurants of renowned hotels.

Glass Arts by Glass Studio TooS. Komorebi Stationery..png__PID:b584cd82-203a-4771-932f-ebef75587f27

Left: Donated to MOA Museum of Art (Atami) / Right: Donated to the Glass Museum (Denmark)

Success as Japan's Only Blown Glass Pen Artisan

Glass Pen Making of Glass Studio TooS. Komorebi Stationery.jpg__PID:e55922db-dc02-4417-b852-1bdde714f302

Tsunehide Okamoto Creating Glass Pens

Among the various glass art techniques, Tsunehide Okamoto has mastered the art of blown glass. He is the only well-known artisan in Japan who uses this method to create glass pens. He began crafting glass pens around 2009, although for a time he primarily focused on creating sculptures and dishes. However, as the popularity of glass pens grew in Japan, he gradually increased his production of glass pens starting in 2015, eventually seeing them stocked in stationery stores nationwide.

One of the significant turning points in his career as a glass pen artisan came in 2021, when he launched a crowdfunding campaign. This initiative aimed to transform his glass studio, located in the hot spring town of Yunogo in Okayama Prefecture, from a shop focused on general glass art to one specializing in his now nationally popular glass pens.

Glass Pen Shop of Glass Studio TooS. Komorebi Stationery.jpg__PID:00e55922-dbdc-42c4-9738-521bdde714f3

His shop in Okayama Prefecture sells glass pens and ink, features notebooks from admired artisans, and displays his other glass artworks.

The initial goal of 2 million yen (approximately USD 13,000) was met within the first 20 minutes, with 200% funding achieved within two hours and an astounding 300% reached within a day. The sheer volume of orders for his glass pens, offered as rewards, meant that delivery times extended to over a year, a testament to their immense popularity. This overwhelming support allowed him to beautifully renovate both his studio and shop, attracting numerous fans who now flock to visit him.

The incredible support from fans and patrons has not only validated the unique artistry of Tsunehide Okamoto but also propelled Glass Studio TooS to new heights. Each glass pen he creates is a testament to his dedication and passion for the craft. Now, you have the opportunity to own a piece of this exceptional artistry and join a community that cherishes the beauty and skill of handmade glass pens.

Good Luck!

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